5 things to do to promote your filter

After creating an augmented reality filter, some people neglect to promote it. That's why we suggest 5 things to do to promote a filter on social networks in order to achieve the campaign's objectives.

1. Establish a structured strategy

To begin with, before designing the filter, you should think about what you want to convey with it. This will make it easier to articulate the effect of the communication for successful promotion. 

For example, you need to define the filter universe and the filter objective to make sure you are not going in the wrong direction. 

To help you, here are some questions to ask yourself: 

👉🏻 Who will use this filter?

👉🏻 What are the keywords that define the filter universe? 

👉🏻 What does the filter represent? What are its characteristics?

👉🏻 Where will the filter be published? (Snapchat, Instagram, Facebook)

By answering these questions, you can establish reliable and operational communication.

2. Use all possible communication channels

To promote a filter, it is necessary to communicate on it by all means. Indeed, let's take the example of Instagram, the social network offers different types of content: the post, the story, the front page story and the reels. Some users will prefer to watch reels rather than stories and it is therefore necessary to ensure that they have the information easily. So, it is best to communicate about your filter through all channels to ensure that your communication is effective.

3. Influencers and creators

One way to promote your filter effectively is through influencer marketing. Indeed, influencers and creators post a lot of stories and for some, augmented reality filters have become their daily life. 

So, just choose the right person to make sure your filter is used and by the right audience. One story of an influencer trying the filter can make it go viral. Sometimes a very influential person may even use your filter without you having contacted them because they simply find the filter relevant.

4. Encourage your community to use the filter

For your filter to work, your community must first want to use and share your effect before you can reach a wider audience. 

There are different ways of doing this: 

👉🏻 a competition: encourage your community to use your filter by offering them products to win! 

👉🏻 mention friends in story: engage your audience by asking them to mention their friends 

👉🏻 not revealing all the characteristics of the filter to make the effect mysterious 

There are many ways to encourage your community to use the filter and this can increase the engagement rate of the effect quickly and easily.

5. Communicate regularly and over the long term

Finally, the last thing to do to promote your filter is to communicate regularly about the filter to increase its visibility. 

Indeed, it is better to communicate several times even if your campaign on the filter is in a short period to ensure the effectiveness of the communication. The minimum is to publish once a week about the filter and to diversify the content. For example, you can simply repost stories from people who have used your filter or create a story or post.

Now that you have the tools to promote your filter, all you have to do is get started!

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