ARTE's Fortune series on Instagram & Snapchat: A New Face of Documentary

ARTE's "Fortune" series, an exploration in augmented reality, redefines the documentary experience. This eight-part series stands out for its innovative format, accessible via Instagram filters and Snapchat.

ARTE series on Instagram and Snapchat filters: An innovative format

As ARTE's first documentary series to use augmented reality, "Fortune" engages users with interactive filters.

Arte's Fortune series: instagram and snapchat filters

Augmented reality filters, at the heart of this series, are digital tools that superimpose graphic elements or virtual information on the real image captured by the camera of a smartphone or tablet. In other words, these filters modify the real environment perceived through the screen by adding virtual elements, creating an immersive and interactive experience. In the context of "Fortune", these filters are not just aesthetic tools, but narrative means of immersing users in captivating stories around the theme of money, enriching their visual, engaging and emotional experience.


Exploring the ARTE Series on Instagram and Snapchat: Themes and Techniques

8 mini Instagram filter episodes made by Arte

The series deals with various themes such as bitcoin, freeganism and early retirement, revealing the complex impact of money. The combination of animation and live-action techniques creates a captivating visual experience, enriched by the concise duration of each episode of 1 minute and 40 seconds.

The Accessibility and Impact of the ARTE Series in Instagram and Snapchat filters

Fortune is easily accessible and free on Instagram and Snapchat, enabling widespread sharing and interaction. This approach democratises access to high-quality cultural and educational content, while encouraging curiosity and discussion among a wider audience.

ARTE's "Fortune" is not just a documentary series, but a revolution in digital storytelling, proving that social media can be powerful platforms for education and culture. The series marks a turning point in the way we consume and interact with digital media, offering a unique window into the often invisible aspects of our economy. Fortune has received international recognition, being selected for various festivals and competitions, underlining its cultural and innovative impact.