How do I know the price of a Snapchat filter?

Snapchat is the application that has most developed its feature offering Snap filters. However, in order to have a filter as an individual or a company, it is necessary to go through an agency since the creation of Snapchat lenses is quite complex to handle.

Lens Studio software

Indeed, the Snapchat filter creation software is free and accessible to all but it requires a lot of time and knowledge to master it and make your Lens. So, if you want to make your custom filter free of charge on Lens StudioIt will take a lot of patience and time.


The price of a Snap filter in an agency

For companies, the simplest solution is to use a agency specialised in the creation of Lenses. It allows us to delegate this task, which seems difficult but is not for the agency, since it has experts who are used to working on this software.

The price ofa Snapchat filter is a minimum of €1,000. Then you need to take into account a number of criteria that will vary the cost of your lens.

Firstly, the complexity of the effect is a major factor. If you want to create a beauty filter or a fairly simple roulette filter, your budget will be lower than if you want to have a lens with more elaborate animations and elements. All Snapchat filter types do not require the same amount of time to complete from the production teams.

Secondly, the deadline for the filter to be made is important in the fluctuation of the price of your filter. Indeed, an agency has other projects planned and this requires the organisation of their experts' working time. So, if you want a filter for a communication campaign that will start soon, the agency's teams will have to reorganise their schedule to deliver you the lens in time.

Thirdly, an agency has fixed costs and a payroll. Thus, depending on the agency, the cost of creating a Snapchat effect may vary based on the cost of production.

Price ranges of a Snapchat filter

If you want to know more about the price of a filterIn order to give you a better idea of the price of a filter, we have published a page that gives an estimate of the price depending on the process of creating a filter. Our price ranges are an estimate and it is always best to contact us to discuss!