How to set up a marketing strategy digital integrating the metaverse ?

Digital technology has become an essential part of business development. Thus, they are adapting and each in turn proposing digital solutions corresponding to their activities. In the same direction, web 3 is evolving and companies must adapt to take into account these new technologies, this is particularly the case of the metaverse. But how to combine digital marketing and metaverse? We tell you more! 


The rise of digital

Digital technology has become omnipresent in our daily lives. Whether at work, when shopping or for any other activity, digital channels are multiplying to offer innovative, original and unique experiences. Augmented reality and virtual reality are two technologies that are constantly developing to offer unique immersive experiences to Internet users. For its part, the augmented reality consists of superimposing 2D and/or 3D elements on reality, ideal for transporting Internet users into a new universe. On the other hand, virtual reality consists of immersing users in a completely virtual digital environment that is detached from reality. Mixed reality thus allows for innovative and rich immersive experiences. Indeed, Internet users are immersed in a virtual world within which they gradually discover a brand universe, which is ideal for promoting a brand, its products or its services. Digital thus appears to be a real opportunity for brands and their development. This channel appears to be an interesting way to offer an optimal customer experience, to stand out from the competition, to highlight one's brand universe or to convert new customers.


The metaverse

The metaverse is a fictional world in which Internet users move around with their avatars. Similar to a video game, users are immersed in a completely new universe in which they can play, interact, eat, dress, buy... Everything is possible! The metaverse thus relies on mixed reality to immerse Internet users in an artificial environment and offer new experiences. 

Another technology related to the metaverse is the NFT. These digital assets can represent any type of content, including images, music, video, etc. The possibilities are numerous. These unique digital property titles can be integrated into the metaverse. Clothing in the form of NFTs for avatars are for example sold by different brands such as NikeGucci, LVMH and many others. 

The evolution of digital marketing

With the arrival of digital and new technologies, brands must adapt and take into account these new challenges. Digital marketing has to take these new digital channels and integrate them into its strategy. With the metaverse, new personalised experiences appear and offer new fields of action to companies. They can therefore implement various actions such as selling products and services in digital versions, setting up virtual shops in 3D accessible with one's avatar, marketing unique products in the form of NFT, inviting and meeting customers via the metaverse or even giving product demonstrations, many things are possible! By integrating the metaverse into their strategy, companies open up new development possibilities to make customer experiences more interactive and engaging. 

To implement an efficient strategy, it is necessary to determine the target, the objectives, the message and of course the technologies that will be used. It is important to communicate using the right channels to reach the target and thus implement effective actions. The metaverse thus appears to be an interesting new development possibility for brands. If you would like more information on the metaverse or any other topic, please do not hesitate to contact one of our experts