Snapchat - The benefits of creating and integrating a filter into your digital strategy

Using augmented reality for brand development has become an important and interesting lever of action. Indeed, AR makes it possible to create a direct link with Internet users, to generate commitment and a feeling of belonging among its customers. SnapchatAR is the ideal network to offer an optimal immersive experience. We give you some tips to integrate AR in your digital strategy.

Building a strong brand image


To stand out from the competition, it is necessary to offer original and innovative brand content. Above all, it is necessary to anchor and convey a strong brand image. To start with, it is advisable to create brand profiles. With this profile, they can put online custom filters and unique AR experiences. By creating immersive content, users will be directly engaged and feel more concerned than with content that is certainly of high quality, but similar to others. The use of a profile for brands on Snapchat is therefore a feature that allows you to put your content online while having insights on your community at your disposal.

To bring your brand to life on the network, you can for example create a Bitmoji with your brand's image. Many options can then be used to build a complete brand profile.

Storytelling on Snapchat

Storytelling consists in highlighting the history of the brand, its values and its vision through its content. By using emotion, the attention of Internet users will be captured more easily. To implement this marketing strategy, brands can use augmented reality. Through animated elements, a brand's story can be highlighted: the ideal way to combine augmented reality and attractive content. 

Stories, the very popular and popular ephemeral content, has arrived for the first time on Snapchat. As a precursor to AR content and numerous features, it is particularly interesting to use stories. It is an opportunity to create original content while maintaining a permanent link with users.

Providing a personalised experience

Personalisation and the creation of quality content have become a major focus when creating content for internet users. Snapchat is the network par excellence on which real AR experiences can be put online. Your filter can take different forms depending on the product or service being promoted. For example, the animation face allows users to see virtual elements appear on their face. It is also possible to virtually try on trainers simply by pointing your smartphone at your feet. It is also possible to make packaging interactive, the ideal way to bring your product to life! 

On the creation side of your experience, simply use the Lens Studio and let your imagination run wild. Community filter, frames, lenses... Many things can be imagined with this tool.


Using the QR Code with Snapchat augmented reality filters

qr code filter maker

The QR Code is an interesting format. It allows to link the physical with the digital. The phygital In particular, it has become an increasingly effective strategy for delivering a rich and engaging customer experience. With Snapchat, you simply generate a SnapCode and share it. By scanning it, users will have direct access to the content and will be able to discover your filter live. A Snapcode can be sent to customers at a product launch, for example, or placed in-store to accompany customers during their visit.

Boosting your branded content on Snapchat

The general advantage of Snapchat for brands is therefore to boost the visibility of their content while making it attractive and innovative. With the omnipresence of customers on social networks, it has become necessary for brands to adapt. Snapchat is therefore one of the least saturated social networks on which it is interesting to position yourself. 

The most important thing is to put quality content online. To do this, it is important to ensure that the vertical format and dimensions are respected. Various features are available to boost the visibility of your brand. For example, links can be added to redirect snapchatters to your website, which is ideal for generating traffic. In addition, the analysis of statistics allows you to make changes to your content to make it more effective and relevant. Finally, you can also use Snapchat Ads as a brand. All you have to do is indicate the criteria of your target audience and select the content (video, product shop, story, filter...) on which the brand wishes to gain visibility and notoriety.

Snapchat is therefore a very interesting tool for brands. By integrating it into their social media strategyIn this way, brands create unique immersive experiences that highlight their brand and their world. The objective is to engage Snapchatters with innovative content that differentiates itself from the competition. As an official Snapchat partner, do not hesitate to contact one of our experts for more information!