Top 5 filters to use for Valentine's Day

Many filters are available on the social networks for Valentine's Day. It is difficult to find the right filter for your needs. That's why we have made a selection of 5 filters for Valentine's Day.

1. Valentine's Day Card

If you are afraid to admit your feelings to someone, this filter is for you! This little 3D card sends a very effective message for Valentine's Day.

Directed by @lun.arfilters


2. Secret Valentine's

This Valentine's Day filter was made by Asos. It's a roulette filter that randomly displays a funny confession that you make or not. A good way to make your partner laugh.


3. Valentine's Day filter: Sweet or Dare

Thanks to image recognition, it is easy to create filters that are activated when a map is scanned. 

This may be an inspiration for brands looking to create a filter.

4. Gift Valentine Quizz

L'Avant Gardiste has released a filter for Valentine's Day. It is a filter wheel that displays a gift idea available for sale at L'Avant Gardiste. It is a good idea to find a gift idea or to give ideas.

5. Say it with Chanel

This Valentine's Day filter was created by Channel. It invites users to declare their love to their significant other. This filter is part of a global campaign that highlights exclusive gifts sold only for Valentine's Day.