Meta Discover the very first advert to be broadcast in the metaverse

The group Meta has released its first advert in its metaverse, in which Mark Zuckerberg highlights this new virtual world, its functions and all the possible options. Let's decipher this famous advert together!

The metaversea new world


The metaverse is a virtual world in which users can wander around as they please, discovering a multitude of worlds, playing games and meeting new people. The aim is to offer a virtual world in which it is possible to wander, settle down, build, exchange and discover multiple universes. More and more brands are investing in the metaverse in order to build a virtual world related to their business, while immersing users in a totally innovative universe. This is what Nike and Spotify are doing, for example, by immersing users in a unique new experience that puts the brand at the centre of a whole new universe. NFTs can also be sold as part of a metaverse, to dress up an avatar for example.


A presentation advertisement

Meta's first online advert aims to highlight the metaverse, how it works and, of course, its added value. For the occasion, Meta called on singer and actress Keke Palmer and Vishal Shah, nicknamed the Vice President of the Metaverse, who can be found in a car having a chat. Keke Palmer asks Vishal Shah about the metaverse and what can be done about it. From bungee jumping off your grandmother's back to going to Mars to meeting your favourite band, this exchange shows that anything is possible! With this advert, the band proves that the metaverse is a truly immersive experience that plunges its users into a new world. Throughout the clip, the expression "Now, Future, Never showing that the metaverse is indeed the technology of the future and of new experiences. The aim of this advert is to promote this new virtual world and attract even more new users. This advert is the first episode in a series called "metaverse 101". 

Meta is keen to continue developing the metaverse and win over new Internet users, particularly through video advertising. This series of clips is now available on YouTube, where you can find out more about the Metaverse!