How to do live shopping intelligently on the internet?

Live shopping is a sales technique that consists of using the internet, websites and social networks to showcase products. More and more used, this technique makes it possible to present its offer in a qualitative way while capturing the attention of Internet users to become a modern teleshopping. 

Go live shopping

Live shopping is an innovative and eye-catching way to discuss and exchange with internet users. It is essential for any brand to communicate via the right channels in order to highlight its brand, products and services. To communicate effectively, it is necessary to take into account the expectations of Internet users and to implement actions that meet them. With an increasing attraction for hybrid formats, live shopping combines streaming and teleshopping, two interesting formats for Internet users.



Live shopping consists of brands presenting their offers and demonstrating their use and then broadcasting it on the website and subsequently on the various social networks such as Instagram or YouTube for example. This commercial animation must first and foremost be available on the brand's website in order to become a key resource for internet users to discover and find information.

With this format, brands can therefore offer innovative experiences while strengthening the bond of proximity with their potential customers. Setting up live shopping events appears to be a new way of positioning oneself positively in the minds of consumers. Indeed, by setting up regular points, brands enter more or less into the daily life of Internet users and thus take a privileged place.

Increase your conversion rate

Above all, live shopping allows you to increase your website's traffic. Indeed, adapted to all sectors, it encourages Internet users to take action via detailed presentations that make visitors want to go further via a reservation, additional requests or simply a purchase for example. Thus, live shopping is above all set up by companies to obtain an online action by the visitor. It is by holding the attention of Internet users with the qualitative format of video that brands increase the commitment of Internet users, their loyalty and, in the best case, their turnover. The main objective is therefore to focus on the quality of the actions carried out, in particular by analysing the social interactions (comments, questionnaires, competitions, likes, etc.) that reflect the commitment of Internet users. 

To boost the image and notoriety of their live show, brands can also call upon influencers who are in line with the brand image they are sending out. This is a way to gain visibility, to talk to a community that already adheres to the content of the influencers in question and therefore to address an audience that is already more or less won over. This is for example what Micromania with its presenter Alex Goude, who is well known in the video game world and therefore brings a legitimate expertise. 

Live shopping therefore makes it possible to accompany Internet users while helping them to project themselves. Considered as an innovative and engaging format, it allows to address different subjects in an original way and to go beyond the already known means of communication such as newsletters for example.