Augmented reality will become the mainstay of e-commerce sales

The famous communication application for the younger generation, SnapchatIn a move to highlight the potential of its augmented reality tools in the modern age, the company has published a report based on an article highlighting the benefits of augmented reality in promoting online businesses and how they can influence people's behaviour. The application has published a report based on an article highlighting the benefits of augmented reality in promoting businesses online and how it can influence people's behaviour.

Snapchat attempted to prove its point by collecting responses from a wide range of users based on their age. Over a thousand users participated, ranging from 13 to 49 years old. The wide range was not only based on age, but four major global markets were considered, namely the US, UK, Kingdom of Saudi Arabia and France. Subsequently, the users' responses were compared to information provided by the industry and to people who were familiar with the purchasing process through AR tools.

Augmented reality facilitates the purchasing process

As mentioned here, Snapchat's main objective is to promote features using augmented reality, and according to the report published, augmented reality is now being used much more often and could become an important tool in the future. This claim was backed up by the survey report showing that more than half of the users who took part in the survey were already familiar with augmented reality and that almost a third of them had already used branded augmented reality tools.

It was revealed that more than half of users who have had an AR experience are searching for more information about augmented reality and that most of these searches are initiated by Snapchat's camera. Such engagement with augmented reality tools is useful in proving Snapchat's point, as it shows that intent to shop online has increased for two out of three users who have had an augmented reality experience to purchase products online and that they will continue to use this experience to purchase other items.


An immersive experience that sells more

Recently, all major social media and online shopping sites have introduced augmented reality tools on their respective platforms. These initiatives are the main reason why the use of these tools provides new ways to help online markets adapt to these changes and change their perception.

AR was introduced to provide the user with an immersive experience in the real world. However, if the experience did not go as planned, the user might not use augmented reality anymore. Therefore, for companies to be successful, they must do their utmost to prevent any type of negative experience where the customer is not satisfied with the service and product provided.