Top 5 Instagram and Snapchat filters to use for Easter

Instagram filters and Snapchat for Easter are numerous and it is sometimes difficult to find your way around and use the filter you want. That's why we've made a selection of 5 different Easter filters that you might like!

1. Rituals - Instagram filter

Rituals is a brand of products for the body but also for the home. In this filter, you can discover the limited edition pack specially sold for the Easter period.


2. Cacau Show - Instagram filter

It is a Brazilian manufacturer of high-end chocolate. For Easter, it wanted to offer a random display of one of its products. An animation is then triggered to immerse the user in the world of this product.

Filter Maker also creates randoms like this one. Discover all our creations.

3. Easter Egg Challenge - Snapchat Filter

This Snapchat filter is an AR game based on the famous egg and spoon game. It's a great challenge to offer to your friends and family for an entertaining activity.

This filter was made by @instafilter

4. Easter Punny - Snapchat Filter

Discover the AR game proposed by By & Large which takes the rules of the mole game in a digital version and specifically for Easter. This game is available on the social network Snapchat.

5. Egg Decorator - Snapchat filter

Finally, this Snapchat filter allows you to personalise your Easter egg. You can change the patterns, accessories and colour thanks to pickers in the filter.

Directed by @cyreneq