Top 5 filters for Christmas

Christmas is an important time for everyone, both for families and especially for brands. It is an event that needs to be stand out to achieve objectives end of the year. Thus, all companies employ different strategies on social networks to gain visibility during this period. One of the most coveted contents are filters on social networks. Indeed, they allow to propose interactive content with the users and increase the visibility of the brand easily.

Produced by Simone Creative Studio

1. Dior

Dior has launched a filter on Instagram for Christmas to be included in a Christmas communication campaign. This campaign aimed to launch a new collection "Holiday Exclusive"for Christmas gifts and decorations.

2. Louis Vuitton

Louis Vuitton launched a filter for the Christmas period that was composed of several different universes. This type of filter allows more people to be reached as there are different versions of the filter and each user can choose the one they prefer.

3. Starbucks

To celebrate Christmas, Starbucks decided to add a little fun and humour. Thus, the Snapchat filter was animated and encouraged the user to singing with your own mini choir. Here, the aim of this communication campaign was to to promote their new Christmas mug and it's done.

4. American Eagle

American Eagle has also chosen to add a touch of humour in its Christmas filter. Indeed, theInstagram effect offers a 3D animation of a gingerbread man with the user's face on one of the dancing biscuits. The brand has also added a few highlights such as the Eagle jumper and the "American Eagle" banner.

5. Qeelin Jewellery

Qeelin is a high-end jewellery brand. It offers jewellery with mystical and spiritual symbols that are strongly rooted and known in Chinese culture. This Instagram filter was launched over the Christmas period to communicate on the new symbol proposed by the jewellery company.


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