Find out about Meta's latest announcements and the future evolution of the group!

Meta is now considered one of the most influential groups in the world. At the cutting edge of technology and in constant search of innovation, the group continues to develop. With a strategy recently turned towards the metaverseThe group wants to conquer new markets and be present in new universes. A look back at Meta's latest announcements!

VivaTech, Europe's largest digital and innovation trade fair

Vivatech is one of the most important global tech events. A real place of convergence, it took place this year from 15 to 18 June. For the occasion, the new technologies revolving around blockchain were put in the spotlight. The objective was to focus on cryptocurrency and all related technologies such as the metaverse, the NFT or the web 3


VivaTech is an important meeting place for following the latest news from giants such as Instagram, Facebook, Tik Tok, etc., while discovering the new innovative projects that have emerged. This is notably the case of the company La Grangette which offers Nespresso-type capsules to be put in your small vegetable garden. The growth of aromas, salads, tomatoes and all other plants can be monitored using a connected application. The French company Cosmo Connected offers a connected bicycle helmet. It provides information such as speed or route to accompany cyclists on their daily journeys. This exhibition is therefore an opportunity to discover and stay at the cutting edge of technology.


And what about Meta?

Among all the companies present, for example LVMH and its impressive stand highlighting the use of the metaverse in the luxury world, Meta has put its Horizon metaverse in the spotlight. Thus, for the occasion, a unique experience was offered to the visitors.


Bringing together professionals from all walks of life, VivaTech was an opportunity for Meta to prove the usefulness of its innovations in the everyday world of work. A virtual meeting in the metaverse was proposed thanks to Horizon Workrooms. To put this in place, Oculus Quest 2 headsets were made available, the gateway to the virtual world of the future. A headset is therefore required to participate in virtual meetings, a cost to be taken into account for companies, but which can very quickly be recouped.

This experiment allows the group to demonstrate its expertise and quality service while proving to professionals the usefulness of the service offered. There are various features to be adjusted during this famous virtual meeting such as the decor, avatars, sound power or the use of software to take notes directly in the metaverse during the meeting.

The evolution of Facebook as an influential social network

In addition to Meta's presence at VivaTech in June, the group also announced new and planned developments for Facebook. Thus, new features and innovations are expected on the social network. 

After InstagramFacebook is reacting and adapting its platform to cope with the rise of TikTok. According to The Verge According to an internal press release, the group's aim is to move closer to the feed and the news feed offered by TikTok. So why make this change? 

With a very rapid and unprecedented rise in popularity, i.e. an increase of more than 30 % in usage among 16-25 year olds, Tik Tok is one of the world's favourite networks. To cope with this strong evolution, Facebook must therefore adapt the user experience to avoid remaining in an "ageing network" dynamic and attract a younger audience. 

The emphasis is therefore on video. After the addition of longer videos on Instagram, the algorithm based on Reels and new features for editing videos, it is now Facebook's turn to focus on video on its platform. A new algorithm called "Discovery Engine" is planned by Marck Zuckerberg. The aim is to propose content from unknown users to Internet users based on their preferences. Through this, the content will be personalised according to the preferences of each person. Another new feature is the addition of MessengerFacebook's messaging system, directly to the network to facilitate the exchange and sharing of content. 

The world of tech and innovation is expanding with constant new developments. Between augmented reality, virtual reality, NFT, metaverse, web 3... The opportunities are numerous! This is notably the case for the Meta group, which continues its development both in the metaverse, this virtual universe in which many things are possible, and by developing a new future axis for its main network, Facebook.