Top 5 filters and effects for St. Patrick's Day 2023

St. Patrick's Day is Ireland's bank holidays and will take place on 17 March 2023. Check out our selection of the best Instagram and Snapchat filters and effects for St. Patrick's Day 2023. We've chosen 5 filters that everyone can enjoy and use on Snapchat and Instagram.

1. Snapchat filter: St Patricks Party

This Snapchat filter is a combination of 3D elements and animations. When you start the filter, 3D props that symbolise St Patrick's Day appear. Then, as soon as you open your mouth, coins fall in front of the screen.


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Directed by @biancagarutti

2. Instagram filter: St Patrick's Clover

This Instagram filter made for Saint Patrick's Day incorporates a face animation that makes shamrocks appear around your face. Then, if you change the direction of your camera, the shamrocks will be visible in your environment.

Directed by Deivis

3. Snapchat filter: St Patricks Day

This Snapchat filter initially looks quite basic. However, it incorporates hand recognition technology that tracks every finger and hand movement. So, depending on how many fingers you show, you can have different elements appear on your screen.

4. Instagram filter: Saint Patrick

The English tea brand, Ahmad Tea, wanted to celebrate Saint Patrick's Day with a funny filter. Indeed, a small puppet that takes your face makes a hand sign when you open your mouth.

Directed by Charles Hamblen

5. Snapchat filter: St Paddys Day

In this Snapchat filter, St. Patrick's Day is represented by the large 3D hat. Also, when you open your mouth, coins fall out of it and a rainbow appears behind you.