4 steps to sponsoring a Snapchat filter

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How can I sponsor a Snapchat filter using Ads Manager? Contact us Sponsoring a Snapchat filter is an important lever for brands wishing to achieve different objectives. Sponsored Snapchat filters make it possible to reach a wider audience, but also to target specific audiences based on demographic criteria or centres of interest. Here are [...]

The new Meta Quest 3 helmet is twice as powerful

new Meta Quest 3 helmet

Meta Quest 3: Meta's new headset is twice as powerful Contact us Still in direct competition with Apple, Meta is intimidating the market with the unveiling of its Meta Quest 3 mixed reality headset. This is the very first headset available to the general public to feature augmented reality functions integrating images in [...].

New advertising formats on YouTube

New advertising formats on YouTube

New advertising formats on YouTube Contact us As part of its ongoing expansion, the YouTube video platform is launching new advertising formats. The aim of these innovations is to attract new brands and offer Internet users a new sales experience. Google Ads text ads extend to YouTube After being acquired by [...], Google Ads is now [...].

eSight 4 glasses for the visually impaired

eSight 4: augmented reality glasses for the visually impaired Contact us Following on from Mojo Vision's electronic augmented reality lenses, Canadian company eSight is developing eSight 4 glasses. These enable visually impaired people to improve their vision through augmented reality. How the eSight 4 glasses work In the same way as a magnifying glass, the eSight [...]

Augmented reality games for young and old alike

Augmented reality games for young and old! Contact us When it comes to games, augmented reality is no joke. By combining whimsical virtual elements with the user's real environment, augmented reality games manage to offer unique immersive experiences that traditional games just don't offer. Let's find out [...]

Guide: setting up a product ad on Snapchat

How can I advertise my products on Snapchat? Contact us Social networks have become important springboards for promoting products, and Snapchat in particular offers several tools for advertising products. What's more, according to INSEE, in 2021, 82.7% of young people aged between 15 and 29 have already [...]

Tako: the new chatbot available on the TikTok app

Tako: the new chatbot powered by conversational AI available on the TikTok application Contact us TikTok has just announced the launch of its assistance chatbot, Tako, on its mobile application to compete with Snapchat, which also released a chatbot, My AI, a few months ago. TikTok is one of the fastest-growing social networks on the [...].

Samsung Display acquires eMagin for $218 million

samsung buys eMagin

Samsung Display buys eMagin for $218 million Contact us After announcing its new XR project in partnership with Qualcomm and Google, Samsung is not stopping there and is buying eMagin for $218 million. New technology giants Samsung Display Samsung Display is the world leader in display solutions.

Gastronomy also uses augmented reality

gastronomy and augmented reality

Gastronomy is also using augmented reality! Contact us What if augmented reality revolutionised gastronomy? Many restaurant brands are reinventing themselves and innovating thanks to this booming new technology. Augmented reality filters are making their way into gastronomy At the Office: events at [...]

The EDF Snapchat filter on energy efficiency

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The EDF Snapchat filter on energy sobriety: a successful campaign Contact us You've probably seen it in sponsored lenses on Snapchat, the EDF Snapchat filter aimed at raising young people's awareness of energy sobriety was a hit on the social network. The EDF Snapchat filter: awarded at the [...]