Dubai's metaverse strategy

dubai in the metaverse

Dubai wants to become the capital of the metaverse with its new strategy Contact Us Dubai has launched its strategy to develop the metaverse and become the central economy of this new technology. With 40,000 jobs created and the creation of infrastructures as a project, Dubai clearly shows its will to become the capital of the metaverse! The [...]

Carrefour continues to explore the metaverse

carrefour explores the metaverse

Carrefour in collaboration with Procter and Gamble continues its experiments in the metaverse Contact us After several projects in the metaverse, the Carrefour group continues to develop and test new experiments. Here's a look back at the group's various projects and its ambitions for development in the metaverse! A recruitment project Carrefour has [...]

Using NFTs and the metaverse for trademarks

nft and metaverse for brands

How to use NFTs and the metaverse for your brand? Contact us NFTs are becoming more and more present and brands have to adapt. To do so, there are different forms and ways of using them to highlight their products and services. Let's recap together on 4 ways to use NFTs as a tool to promote your brand [...]

Vrroom launches its metaverse of the show

vrroom metaverse of the show

Vrroom raises funds to create its show metaverse Contact us Vrroom is a company offering experiences, immersive shows and interactive entertainment in virtual worlds that it creates to measure. To continue its development, it has raised €1.5 million to launch its platform in the UK.

The advantages of using a QR Code

advantages of the QR Code

The success and advantages of the QR Code Contact us This famous pixelated square that has been forgotten and put aside for a long time is back. A practical and useful tool in everyday life, it makes life easier for brands while accompanying their customers in their purchasing process. A real bridge between reality and the virtual world, the QR [...]

A Meta account proposed by the group

meta 2 account

A new way to log in is possible with Meta Quest 2 Contact Us Meta has brought new ways to log in to the Meta Quest 2 virtual reality headset. You just need to log in to your Meta account to access the headset's features, we tell you more! A Meta login account For [...]

Samsung has its virtual space on Roblox

samsung metaverse roblox

Samsung takes a step into the metaverse with its own space on Roblox, Space Tycoon Contact us The large Korean group Samsung has taken a step into the metaverse with its own virtual playground on Roblox. This famous video game platform offers the brand the opportunity to present its products in a new light.

Steam on Nreal available on AR glasses

nreal version beta glasses ar

Nreal AR Glasses, a new Steam beta is available to play with Contact Us Nreal, a Chinese augmented reality startup, has developed AR glasses. It is now possible to experience Steam games with these glasses, ideal! Step 1: Bridging the gap between [...]

Augmented reality in the world of work

augmented reality at work

How is augmented reality used by companies? Contact us New technologies and tools are appearing on the market, particularly augmented reality. Companies are adapting to these new technologies in order to optimise their performance and organisation. New tools are then used, which contributes to improving the efficiency of the companies.

NFT: Ternoa and Cross the Ages collaborate

nft collaboration Ternoa and cross the ages

The revival of NFTs with Ternoa and Cross the Ages Contact us Since the arrival of NFTs, the increased development of the metaverse and the expansion of Web 3, these digital assets have taken their place in the world of new technologies. Increasingly used, they are becoming a key element that is increasingly coveted. [...]