Niantic announces its latest augmented reality game: Peridot

new augmented reality game from niantic called peridot

Niantic announces the release of a new augmented reality game: Peridot Contact us After releasing Pikmin Bloom, Niantic has announced the future augmented reality game Peridot. Niantic is the pioneer of AR games, having created the famous Pokemon Go and Harry Potter Wizards Unite. An augmented reality game full of [...]

Epic Games launches a metaverse

epic games projects in the metaverse

Epic Games: a metaverse project in development Contact us The metaverse race is on and brand after brand continues to move into this new universe. This fictional virtual world, which is at the heart of brand development, enables brands to offer a journey into spaces that are totally [...]

Augmented reality glasses

mojo vision augmented reality glasses in development

Mojo Vision: augmented reality lenses under development Contact us Announced at the CES trade fair for new technologies in January 2020, start-up Mojo Vision is continuing to develop its project for contact lenses equipped with augmented reality. The Mojo Lens prototype is being fine-tuned and new functions have been added.

Influencer marketing used by brands

why integrate an influencer marketing strategy

Why integrate influencer marketing into your strategy? Contact us Influencer marketing involves promoting your product/service by drawing on the visibility, reputation and power of influence of key figures: experts, opinion leaders, influencers, etc. Influencer marketing can take a variety of forms, such as presenting your product/service in a story, post, [...].

Niantic acquires augmented reality studio NZXR

niantic acquires augmented reality studio NZXR

Niantic acquires augmented reality studio NZXR to develop an AR metaverse Contact us Just one month after acquiring 8th Wall, Niantic has acquired NZXR, an augmented reality studio. NZXR: a young augmented reality studio NZXR was founded during the Covid-19 pandemic by some of the Magic Leap teams [...].

Create a TikTok filter with Effect house

create a TikTok filter with Effect House

You can now create a TikTok filter with Effect House Contact us On 12 April, TikTok published a press release announcing the end of the Effect House beta. Effect House TikTok is no longer in beta version In order to compete with other social networks, TikTok launched the TikTok filter creation software [...].

Snapchat buys French neuroscience start-up

Snapchat and augmented reality for AR glasses

Snapchat buys a French neuroscience start-up for its AR Spectacles Contact us The Snapchat group has bought a Paris-based start-up working in neuroscience, and more specifically on the ability to control electronic objects using thought. NextMind: a start-up that already has an international reputation NextMind was founded [...]

Art and augmented reality

art and augmented reality

Art and augmented reality: a promising duo Contact us Augmented reality arrived in the art world around the 1970s. This new dimension challenged the creative process of artists, but also the vision of the public. Thus, the entire artistic ecosystem has learned and evolved little by little.

Snapchat partners with Sony Music Entertainment to create sound lenses

sound lenses on snapchat

Snapchat joins forces with Sony Music Entertainment to create augmented reality sound lenses Contact us Snapchat and Sony Music Entertainment have announced a partnership that will enable sound lenses to be created using Sony Music music. Sound lenses arrive to compete with Instagram and TikTok The aim of this partnership is to develop sound [...].