Meta's glasses: the Cambria project in development

Cambria meta project

The Cambria Project: Meta develops its mixed reality headset! Contact us Mark Zuckerberg, Meta's CEO, recently shared a demonstration video of the brand's next augmented reality headset. The famous Cambria project continues its development and reveals little by little the proposed features. A high-end headset [...]

The metaverse and crypto-currency

metaverse and crypto

Metaverse and crypto-currency: what is the link between these two technologies? Contact us The metaverse continues to develop and is attracting more and more users. This shared virtual universe is notably related to blockchain and crypto-currency. But what is the link? How does it work? And what [...]

Sony in the metaverse

sony's development in the metaverse

Sony's arrival in the metaverse Contact us Sony's CEO, Kenichiro Yoshida, announced on 18 May at a group meeting the importance given to the metaverse in their development strategy. The objective is to integrate these shared virtual universes into their brand strategy. But what actions are planned? Expand [...]

RA in cosmetics

augmented reality and shiseido cosmetics

Augmented reality in the world of cosmetics Contact us Augmented reality continues to develop and is becoming increasingly popular with cosmetics brands. This technology is even becoming many brands' best friend. But what are the benefits? And what are brands putting in place? We tell you all about it! [...]

Travelling with the metaverse

travelling in the metaverse

Reinventing tourism? Travel virtually through the metaverse! Contact us Augmented reality is constantly developing and offering new possibilities. It is now even possible to travel based on augmented reality and the metaverse. What are the possibilities? And what experiences can be had? Back to [...]

Amazon launches Virtual Try-On for Shoes in augmented reality

the try on by amazon

Amazon offers a try-on feature to try on shoes in augmented reality Contact us In an attempt to attract sneakerheads, Amazon is launching a new feature called "Virtual Try-On for Shoes" which will allow users to try on pairs of shoes in augmented reality in the form of a virtual fitting room. Better chances of conversion [...]

Coinbase launches a marketplace for NFTs

coinbase in NFTs

Coinbase launches into NFTs with a Web3-style marketplace to resell NFTs Contact us Coinbase had announced in 2021 the launch of a marketplace for NFTs and since April 2022, Coinbase NFT is in Beta version. Coinbase: a platform that wants to be a precursor of Web3 marketplaces Coinbase is the leader in the [...]

Avatars created by Kinetix

kinetix to create avatars

Create your own avatar in the metaverse with Kinetix Contact us The metaverse is a shared virtual space in which Internet users can enjoy the experiences of their choice, wander around, talk to each other and even build their own environment from scratch. The Kinetix company makes it possible to create your own avatar from an image.

ARCore Geospatial API: Google's new feature

arcore geospatial

ARCore Geospatial: Google's new augmented reality API Contact us At the Google I/O presented on May 11 and May 12, 2022, Google announced many new features, including several that integrate augmented reality. This is the case of ARCore Geospatial API which will revolutionize the world of augmented reality. The ARCore [...]

Google to launch new augmented reality glasses

Google launches augmented reality glasses

Google announces new augmented reality glasses Contact Us At the Google I/O 2022 summit, Google unveiled its brand new augmented reality glasses that make it easy to chat with someone in another language. Augmented reality glasses that translate conversations into other languages Google wants to reduce the number of people who have to [...]