Amazon X Snapchat: an augmented reality partnership

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Amazon & Snapchat: an augmented reality partnership The partnership Benefits for Snapchat Benefits for Amazon Contact Us In November 2023, Snapchat partnered with Amazon to create an enhanced augmented reality shopping experience. The virtual try-on at the heart of the partnership The aim of this partnership is to try out products from Amazon [...]

What is gamification in marketing?

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All about gamification Definition Type of medium Examples Contact us What is its definition? Gamification is the application of game mechanisms in a digital marketing strategy to achieve specific objectives. Also known as gamification, this practice is inspired by gaming, which is widely practised by young people [...]

How much does a Snapchat filter cost?

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How can I find out the price of a Snapchat filter? Contact us Snapchat is the application that has most developed its Snap filters feature. However, in order to have your own filter as an individual or as a company, it is necessary to go through an agency since the Snapchat lens creation software is quite complex to use.

Why create an Instagram filter for an event?

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The benefits of an Instagram filter for an event Definition For an immersive and original event An unforgettable event Instagram filters generate UGC Contact us An Instagram filter for an event can offer benefits for brands and businesses. Throughout this article, we will develop several reasons to better understand [...]

Tuto: How to use the dual camera on Snapchat?

Tuto: Using the dual camera on Snapchat Definition Snapchat features How it works How to use the dual camera Contact us A new feature to film both sides of the smartphone Since the end of the summer, Snapchat has announced the release of a new feature that uses the same code as their competitor "BeReal". Indeed, this new [...]

Why integrate a Snapchat filter into your marketing campaign?

Integrate a Snapchat filter into a marketing campaign Contact us Since the pandemic, e-commerce has taken a completely different turn and consumers have seen their consumption habits change. So brands in turn need to accelerate their improvement of the buying journey to ensure increasing conversion in the face of competition that is very much alive and well.

Creating a customer relationship on social networks


How to build a customer relationship on social networks? The presence on digital, and especially social networks, has become essential for the evolution of brands. Indeed, customers now value hybrid channels combining physical and virtual experiences. Brands must therefore adapt and in particular develop their e-reputation. By being active [...]

How to create an NFT on Photoshop?

4 steps to create an NFT on Photoshop In the new Photoshop update, a new feature allows you to create your own NFTs directly on the software. It's called Content Credentials (Beta) and it allows you to include an Ethereum wallet ID to your content credentials. Before starting the tutorial, make sure you are [...]

Generate conversions on social networks


The importance of a social media presence as a brand Consumer habits and expectations are constantly changing. With the growth in the use of digital and social networks, brands must adapt and use the various digital channels available to address their target audience. But how can they use social networks to reach their target audience?

Using the metaverse for your digital marketing strategy


How to set up a digital marketing strategy integrating the metaverse? Digital has become an essential part of business development. As a result, they are adapting and each in turn proposing digital solutions corresponding to their activities. In the same direction, web 3 is evolving and companies have to adapt in order to take advantage of the new [...]