Spark AR creator: the new certification for Instagram filter creators


Spark AR Creator: certification for Instagram filter creators To evolve and improve the quality of filters and meet the needs of brands, Spark AR has launched an online course programme with a certificate giving more visibility to Spark AR creators. The online courses [...]

Xiaomi displays an augmented reality ad at the Paris Opera


Xiaomi displays an augmented reality advert at the Paris Opera House Until the end of November, Xiaomi is displaying an augmented reality advert on one of the walls of the Paris Opera House. An immersive experience that exposes the new Xiaomi smartphone. Using a QR code, passers-by are redirected to the Xiaomi application.

You can find recipes with Snapchat


Snapchat: you can now cook with the app's scanner Snapchat has launched a feature that allows you to scan your surroundings with its machine learning. It used to be possible to find the breed of a dog or determine the name of a plant from the Snapchat app. But since a few days, you can now [...]

Snapchat's new try-on filter for trying on clothes


Giftshop: Snapchat's new try-on filter for trying on clothes Since the pandemic, e-commerce has become even more iconic and indispensable for everyone. Social networks have been quick to understand this: e-commerce is a market not to be missed. Instagram and Facebook have both proposed solutions to integrate the possibility of [...]

Niantic is confident that the metaverse will be in augmented reality


For Niantic, the metaverse will be in augmented reality Recently, Facebook announced the change of name of the group (Facebook, Instagram and Whatsapp) to Meta in order to offer a metaverse in virtual reality. However, Niantic, the company specialising in augmented reality games, does not see the future in the same way. For Niantic, the [...]

Facebook has released its first smart glasses

Facebook has released its first smart glasses In collaboration with Ray-Ban, Facebook has launched its first pair of smart glasses to get into the race. Augmented reality will not be present on this first pair but Facebook assures that this is just the beginning of their project. The project of these glasses was [...]

Snapchat Trends: a tool to analyse popular trends on Snapchat

Snapchat Trends: a tool for analysing popular trends Snapchat never stops. This year, a dozen new features or updates have appeared on the application and the little ghost is not finished. Since the beginning of the month, Snapchat has launched Snapchat Trends, which lists and groups all the trends [...].

Top 5 best Halloween filters

Top 5 Halloween filters Halloween is a holiday that many people look forward to. Synonymous with thrills and spills, anything is possible during this period. It is also an opportunity for brands to stand out from their competitors by choosing a unique and interactive digital strategy. This is what reality filters allow for.

Top 5 best Instagram filters for summer

Top 5 summer Instagram filters It's summer, it's hot, beach days are on the rise but users are still using Instagram filters all day long. In order not to miss out on your audience, it's best if a brand is at the beach and offers a filter especially for this season. That's why we have [...]

3 new features on Spark AR

Spark AR: 3 new features available Spark AR is the software for creating Instagram and Facebook filters. To meet the needs of creators and users, the software must be constantly evolving. Here are 3 new features and important updates made since March. Adding collaborators to a photo [...]