Prada invited an NFT holder to its September show


Prada invites NFT owners for its fashion show NFTs are seducing more and more brands and this is particularly the case in the luxury world. Prada has organised an event this summer 2022 that combines physical products and the virtual world, we tell you more! The web 3 put in the [...]

Meta's first advertisement


Meta : Découvrez la toute première publicité qui a été diffusée dans le métaverse Le groupe Meta a sorti sa première publicité dans son métaverse via laquelle Mark Zuckerberg met en avant ce nouveau monde virtuel, ses fonctionnalités et toutes les options possibles. On décrypte ensemble cette fameuse publicité ! Le métaverse, un nouveau […]

Capgemini in partnership with Unity


Capgemini and Unity join forces to create new interactive solutions in the metaverse The digital services group Capgemini, which specialises in consulting, digital transition and all related technologies, has joined forces with Unity, a global platform specialising in the creation and delivery of 3D content in real time. The objective is to [...]

An NFT collection for the city of Miami


The city of Miami proposes a collection of 5,000 NFTs The mayor of Miami is very involved in the city's technological development, particularly in relation to Web 3. After the introduction of MiamiCoin, Francis X. Suarez has developed a new project around NFTs, these famous digital assets. Let's discover together [...]

A music application for Tik Tok


Tik Tok continues its development with a potential music streaming application Tik Tok is undoubtedly the network of the moment very popular with the younger generation. Known for its video format, its popular challenges and trends, the network would have for project the development of a music streaming application. A new concept, Tik Tok Music ByteDance [...]

Meta pay: the new DM payment method is available in the US

Meta pay: the new DM payment method on Instagram While the Novi project, the crypto-currency wallet, has been abandoned by the giant Meta, Mark Zuckerberg has announced the arrival of direct DM payment on Instagram thanks to Meta Pay. Meta wants to introduce conversational commerce with Meta Pay In [...]

The NFTs developed by Le Parisien


Le Parisien has put on sale legendary NFTs retracing its history For the start of the 2022 school year, the popular newspaper Le Parisien has brought out 100 historical and legendary front pages of the newspaper to put them on sale in the form of NFTs. Let's take a look at this surprising project! NFTs for all sectors The NFTs [...]

Video at the centre of Instagram


Instagram continues to bring new features around video Instagram continues to develop and bring new features to its interface. Video has recently been put at the centre of the network and is gradually being reinvented. But why these changes? We tell you more! The influence of Tik Tok on Instagram Tik Tok [...]

LEGO to launch its metaverse for children

lego metaverse vignette article

Lego has launched its metaverse for children and families The metaverse is rethinking the model and the way people interact socially online, offering experiences of playing, working and socialising within a 3D environment. This time, it is tackling learning and educational games. Indeed, LEGO has been [...]

University of Tokyo sets up a training course on the metaverse


The University of Tokyo is proposing a metaverse training course for the end of 2022 Web 3.0 is developing and offering new perspectives with NFTs, the metaverse and cryptocurrencies. Present in many sectors such as work, health, e-commerce, social networks... The metaverse appears as a new ideal universe offering many possibilities. [...]