Snapchat collaborates with the NFL for Super Bowl LVIII

Snapchat Brings Camera Kit Technology to Super Bowl LVIII

Snapchat has collaborated with the NFL for Super Bowl LVIII Contact Us Snapchat recently announced that it has collaborated with the NFL for Super Bowl LVIII. With all-new features, Snapchat immersed Snapchatters in the sporting event of the year through a complete experience. A first in history? Super Bowl LVIII [...]

TikTok to launch a new photo-sharing application

TikTok is going to launch a new photo-sharing app

TikTok to launch new photo-sharing app Contact Us Made public on Monday 11 March in a message from leaker AssembleDebug (of The SpAndroid media) has revealed some intriguing changes to the code of the TikTok app. It would appear that ByteDance, the parent company of TikTok, is preparing the ground for the launch of a new [...]

TikTok: Step-by-Step Guide to Creating Your Own Custom Sound

Create your own audio and share it with the TikTok universe.

Create Your Own Custom Sound on TikTok: The Step-by-Step Guide Contact us Want to add your own sound to TikTok? The platform not only allows users to use existing sounds, but also to create and share their own audio clips. A very simple creation process So here's how you can create your own sound [...].

Instagram introduces a new poll feature

Instagram Introduces New Poll Feature for News Feed Posts Contact Us In its ongoing quest to offer users innovative ways to interact and showcase their content, Instagram has unveiled its latest feature: the ability to integrate polls directly into the comments section of posts on [...]

Instagram plans to enhance Reels with carousels

Instagram enhances Reels with carousels

Instagram plans to enrich Reels with carousels Contact us Instagram, the photo and video sharing platform belonging to the Meta group, is reportedly about to introduce a revolutionary new feature: carousels in Reels. This update will enable users to publish several photos and videos in a single post, [...].

TikTok introduces a new search shortcut

TikTok Introduces New Search Shortcut for Home Screens

TikTok introduces a new search shortcut Contact Us TikTok continues to extend its grip on the technology industry with a new feature that could well be a game-changer for online search engines. The social platform, popular with Generation Z, has introduced a search shortcut on users' home screen, [...].

How to hack the Tiktok algorithm in 2024 (secret tips)

How to Hack the TikTok Algorithm in 2024 - Secret Tips

How to hack the Tiktok algorithm in 2024 (secret tips) Contact us In 2024, TikTok has become much more than just a video-sharing platform. With billions of active users around the world, its algorithm is the subject of much speculation and all its creators dream of knowing all its secrets. Understanding the subtleties of the algorithm [...]

What is the Rio de Janeiro trend on Tiktok?

Tiktok rio de janeiro trend

What's the new Rio de Janeiro trend on Tiktok? Contact us Tiktok is a network full of surprises where trends come and go. Not all of them are understandable at first glance. No matter how much time you spend exploring the application, there always seem to be places where new trends emerge. [...]

Instagram 2024 algorithm - Ultimate Guide

Instagram 2024 ultimate guide

Instagram 2024 Algorithm - Ultimate Guide Contact Us In this article, you'll learn how the Instagram 2024 algorithm works and how to get more followers on Instagram faster. You'll discover which hashtags to use, what type of content to create and how many times to post per day. You'll also see that it's important to pay [...]

Top 5 TikTok Filters in January 2024 : Buzz Videos

Top 5 tiktok filters January 2024

Top 5 TikTok Filters in January 2024 : Videos Buzz Contact us In 2023 Tiktok continues to reign supreme as the platform to be on to generate engagement and UGC (User Generated Content). For this new year, Tiktok's expansion seems to be continuing and the content produced seems to be performing [...].