Augmented reality revolutionises the way you buy jewellery

Augmented reality is revolutionising the way people buy jewellery Contact us In recent years, many jewellery brands have begun to integrate augmented reality into their marketing and sales strategies. It helps brands stand out from the competition while offering innovative services to customers. 1 Cartier brings [...]

Car brands embrace augmented reality

augmented reality for cars

Car brands embrace augmented reality Contact us Augmented reality is booming and increasingly used in the automotive industry to enhance the driver experience in a more comprehensive and secure way. Many car manufacturers, such as Honda, Mitsubishi and BMW, have integrated augmented reality into their cars, offering [...]

Top 5 best filters for Gay Pride

gay pride filters

Top 5 best augmented reality filters for Gay Pride Contact us Gay Pride began in 1969 in New York and is now held every June in many cities around the world. It is widely known for promoting tolerance, respect and inclusion for the LGBTQ+ community [...].

Snapchat launches augmented reality mirrors

snapchat augmented reality mirrors

Snapchat launches augmented reality mirrors Contact us The social network Snapchat is currently experiencing difficulties with its advertising business. It has therefore decided to focus on augmented reality and is launching augmented reality mirrors. Augmented reality fittings Bobby Murphy, co-founder of Snapchat and CTO of the American multinational, says that the [...]

Top 5 best filters for 4 July

thumbnail of the blog post on the best snapchat filters for 4th july in the united states

Top 5 Snapchat filters for 4th of July, Independence Day in the USA Contact us National Day in the USA, also known as Independence Day, is celebrated every 4th of July across the country. With the popularity of filters on Snapchat, it's now possible to share this day of celebration on your [...]

Lemon8: the new ByteDance social network

thumbnail blog article on lemon8, ByteDance's new social network

Lemon8: the new lifestyle social network from ByteDance TikTok's parent company, ByteDance, is launching a new social network to counter possible bans on the use of TikTok in the United States. Lemon8 has been in touch with a number of content creators over the past few months about joining the social network. What [...]

My AI: Snapchat's chatbot

snapchat my ai

My AI: Snapchat's chatbot Contact us Snapchat, the social networking platform, has recently launched a new feature combining artificial intelligence and augmented reality. Open to all users, the chatbot has been christened My AI by the Snapchat social network. How does My AI work? My AI is a conversational chatbot developed by [...].

Monster Hunter Now: the new AR game from Niantic and CAPCOM

Monster Hunter Now: the new augmented reality mobile game from Niantic and CAPCOM Contact us CAPCOM, the famous developer of console games and Niantic, the leader in the generation of augmented reality tools (the creator of Pokémon Go) have partnered to launch the AR mobile game Monster Hunter Now. [...]

How do I create a TikTok video?


How do I create a TikTok video? Did you say TikTok? I. The application II. TikTok filters III. Augmented reality Best practices How do I create a TikTok video? The latest trends Contact us What is TikTok? A TikTok filter lets you add content when you record a video with 2D and 3D elements.

Where can I find and how do I use Snapchat filters on Spotlight?

How to find and use a Snapchat filter on Spotlight How do I use a Snapchat filter on Spotlight? Where can I find Snapchat filters on Spotlight? Why use a Snapchat filter on Spotlight? Top 4 best Snapchat filters on Spotlight Contact us Spotlight is the feature launched by the Snapchat application to compete with TikTok. In fact, [...]