AR glasses to be marketed in the UK by a Chinese start-up

reality glasses augmented by a Chinese company

AR glasses to be marketed in the UK by Chinese start-up Chinese start-up Nreal is to market its AR glasses in the UK which are specifically designed for high quality display. Nreal Light AR Glasses are on the rise It's not just the big companies that are investing in reality [...]

What's new at Apple following their latest conference

new apple features

Apple presents new iOS16 features and develops its Apple Glass Contact Us The American giant announced at its annual conference for developers its new releases, including its new microchip, a new payment system, features based on artificial intelligence and the new MacBook Air. Many new features were announced at the conference, including a new microchip, a new payment system, features based on artificial intelligence and the new MacBook Air, [...]

The metaverse and football

footbal and metaverse the new metasoccer project

The metaverse in the world of football in 2022 Contact us The metaverse continues to grow and new sectors are developing in this universe, particularly football. A number of initiatives and projects have recently been launched, and we'd like to tell you all about them! Football in the metaverse Created by Marc Cercós, Patxi Barrios and Alex Fiestas, MetaSoccer is the [...]

Coca-Cola's pixel project

coca cola sugar byte

Coca-Cola Sugar Byte: the group's new pixel project Contact us Coca Cola launched its limited edition Coca-Cola Sugar Byte last May. The group offers Internet users a pixelated taste experience, undoubtedly a new refreshing experience in its own way. But what is this new [...]?

AR glasses developed by Qualcomm

qualcomm's augmented reality bezel

Qualcomm releases wireless AR glasses Contact Us Augmented reality glasses are becoming increasingly popular with brands and users. The American firm specialising in mobile technologies announced its new AR glasses project on 20 May. The AR Smart Viewer by Qualcomm The company has announced that it will [...]

NFT x Netflix: crypto currency promoted by the group

netflix and NFTs

NFT x Netflix: the metaverse coming soon to your living room? Contact us Coveted by all, NFTs continue to seduce brands with their originality and future potential. For the launch of the new season of Love, Death + Robots, Netflix has decided to introduce NFTs at the launch of the series by setting up a [...].

Niantic launches a new feature on Lightship

lightship vps

Lightship VPS: Niantic's Promising New Feature Contact Us At its first Lightship Developer Summit, Niantic announced a new feature that will delight Lightship creators. What is Lightship? Lightship is the AR experience creation software launched by Niantic. Indeed, since the announcement of the change in the [...]

Discover what's new in social networks from Instagram to Tik Tok

summary of snapchat tiktok and instagram

Find out what's new on social networks: Instagram, Snapchat and Tik Tok Contact us Social networks are evolving fast and new features are arriving one after the other. So what are the latest and greatest changes in social networks? We tell you more! Instagram: highlighting videos, a new identity [...]

The most beautiful NFTs in the metaverse: a project by Binance and Dubai

Binance and Dubai partnership for NFT project

Binance and Dubai launch NFT project Contact Us Binance and Dubai have teamed up to create a project around NFT in the metaverse. On one side we have one of the largest cryptocurrency platforms and on the other a city that advocates evolution and the future. What better way to launch a great [...]