Discover the advances of Meta's haptic glove

meta haptic glove

Touching things in augmented reality? It will soon be possible thanks to Meta Contact us Meta announced the launch of their project to create a haptic glove so that augmented reality users can experience the sensation of touch in augmented reality worlds. The creation of this glove is still at an early stage.

New Instagram features coming soon

new instagram features

Instagram: new features to personalise your Instagram Contact us Mobile developer and engineer Alessandro Paluzzi has just announced some new features being tested on Instagram. The big new Instagram feature: reorganise your photos on your profile Instagram is currently developing a new feature that will allow you to reorganise your profile. This option will be available [...]

Discover the top trends of 2022 on social networks

2022 trends on social networks

Social networks: 6 trends to watch out for in 2022 Contact us While social networks have played a key role in marketing campaigns for a number of years, it's clear that since the global pandemic and the confinements they have been taken to a new level. Social networks have become indispensable on a daily basis, and the challenge now is to [...]

The power of gifs

the power of gifs

Gifs: an important lever on social networks Contact us What is a gif? A gif, or Graphic Interchange Format, is a digital image format used mainly on the internet. A gif allows several images to be stored in the same file, making it possible to create a short animation from several static images. The [...]

NFTs and augmented reality

nft and augmented reality

New trend: NFTs and augmented reality Contact us What is an NFT? An NFT (Nun-Fungible Token) is a unique digital file that is not interchangeable. This digital file is accompanied by a certificate of authenticity. These files are then stored on a blockchain (a storage space protected against any modification). [...]

Apple launches its first VR and AR headset!

apple launches its first augmented reality headset

Apple to launch its first VR and AR headset! Contact us If at first some theories predicted the release of glasses, it will indeed be an Apple headset that will be released by the end of the year, and a mixed reality headset at that. Everything you need to know about the Apple headset This headset will not only [...]

Pizza Hut and BOSH: an unexpected augmented reality partnership

pizza hut and bosh augmented reality partnership

Pizza Hut and BOSH, an immersive campaign thanks to augmented reality Contact us After presenting an augmented reality campaign with Pacman in our last article (Augmented reality, a lever for marketing), Pizza Hut is back in France with an unexpected collaboration. Pizza Hut is back with a brand new partnership! By teaming up with [...]

Augmented reality, a lever for marketing

augmented reality as a marketing lever for brands

Augmented reality, a marketing lever Contact us Today, augmented reality has become a real marketing lever, and this trend is set to grow considerably. This tool has become an essential part of advertising campaigns and adds dynamism to marketing operations. Augmented reality gives consumers a complete, interactive experience [...].