The new Snapchat feature: After Dark

Snapchat Revolutionises Nights with "After Dark" In a world where social networks are constantly evolving, Snapchat never ceases to surprise. The platform has just unveiled its latest innovation, dubbed "After Dark". The feature, inspired by French app BeReal, promises to transform users' nights into a unique social experience. Let's decipher [...]

How much does an Instagram filter cost?

thumbnail article on the price of an instagram filter

How do I determine the price of an Instagram filter? Contact us Instagram has distinguished itself as an application that has considerably expanded its features offering Instagram filters. However, to get your own filter as an individual or business, it's best to use a specialist agency, as the software for creating Instagram filters, although free [...]

How much does a TikTok filter cost?

How much does a TikTok effect cost? Contact us TikTok has established itself as the most innovative platform in terms of features offering TikTok filters. However, if you want to create your own effect as an individual or a company, it's best to call on the services of a specialist agency, as the software used to create TikTok effects can [...]

How do I use Dream on Snapchat?

thumbnail blog post on Snapchat's Dream

Tutorial: How do I use Dream on Snapchat? Contact us In the dynamic world of social media, Snapchat continues to stand out by offering innovative features that captivate its users. The latest of these is a revolutionary feature called "Dream". In this article, we'll be exploring this new feature in depth, guiding you on how to [...]

How to create a Snapchat group

How do I create a group on Snapchat? The Step-by-Step Guide Contact us In today's world of digital communication, Snapchat has established itself as one of the most popular social media platforms, especially among the younger generations. One of the features that has contributed to its success is the groups function on Snapchat. In this [...]

4 Snapchat filter ideas for your marketing campaigns

snapchat filter ideas

4 Snapchat filter ideas for your marketing campaigns and strategies Contact us Snapchat filters are used on a daily basis by users of the platform and prove the engagement with this type of content. In general terms, augmented reality makes it possible to create unique and customisable immersive experiences that Snapchat users appreciate. This is why [...]

Automotive marketing in 2024

automotive marketing in 2024

Automotive marketing in 2024: the digital strategies to put in place Contact us Definition: Automotive marketing Automotive marketing is the promotion of a brand, products or services in the automotive sector. This can be done through traditional marketing (television, newspapers, billboard advertising, etc.) or digital marketing (social networks, [...]).

Top 5 Instagram filters for the 2024 Olympics

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Top 5 Instagram filters for the 2024 Olympics Contact us The 2024 Olympics are fast approaching and will be held in France. If you want to use Instagram filters to share this event with your friends and community, here's a selection of the best Instagram filters for the 2024 Olympics. 1. [...]

How do I download Reels on Instagram?

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Tutorial for downloading Instagram Reels to your phone Contact Us Adam Mosseri announced it on his broadcast channel, and now it's happened. Instagram has recently launched a new feature that allows users to download Reels videos to the Instagram app. Check out our guide to downloading Instagram Reels to your phone! [...]

How can I generate revenue with augmented reality advertising?

blog post on how to generate revenue with augmented reality advertising

Augmented reality becomes a real revenue-generating tool for brands Contact us Most people who use augmented reality see it only as a new technology that is entertaining and fun. But augmented reality is about to become a revenue-generating tool for the brands that use it. Here's a look at the current situation and statistics on [...]