How to create an Instagram filter on Spark AR?


How to Create an Instagram Filter? Download Spark AR Creating the graphic elements Importing the Assets Animations & Interactions Publishing the Instagram Filter Managing Instagram Filters Contact us Creating an Instagram Filter by Downloading Spark AR In order to create an Instagram filter, you must first download and install the Spark AR software. This software [...]

Instagram launches likes on stories!


Instagram launches private likes on stories! After the announcement of the future modification of the Instagram feed, it is now the turn of stories to evolve with likes on stories. For a few months, some creators were invited to test a feature on stories in order to improve the user experience. We can now [...]

How to sponsor an Instagram filter in a story?


How to sponsor your Instagram filter in a story? Contact us What is sponsored stories for Instagram filters? In order to promote a branded filter, it is possible to sponsor an Instagram filter to appear in the stories feed. The user will then be able to try out the filter directly with a swipe-up that [...]

Pinterest offers a new perspective in augmented reality


Pinterest offers its users a new perspective in augmented reality! Pinterest, a source of inspiration for consumers Pinterest is a website that can be described as a search engine for images. This network is powered by its users and allows you to pin any image in albums, from the kitchen to the bathroom.

Snapchat updates its AR shopping feature


Snapchat updates its AR shopping feature In 2021, Snapchat is not in the top 5 most downloaded apps. This means that the app is no longer able to attract new users to the Snapchat app. To remedy this and stay in the competition of social networks, the little ghost needs to [...]

Top 5 NFTs who have created an augmented reality filter


5 NFTs that offer a filter for social networks NFTs have become very popular on the internet and on social networks in general. The popularity of NFTs lies in several factors, one of the most important being the communication made around it. Social networks allow for more effective communication and a better understanding of the [...]

Instagram launches Instagram Subscription


Instagram launches Instagram Subscription Contact Us To encourage creators to share content on Instagram, the social network is testing a subscription (Instagram Subscription) that subscribers will pay to access exclusive content from the creator. The "Instagram Subscriptions" feature is being tested with a dozen or so people to tailor each [...]

A marketplace for NFTs soon on Instagram and Facebook?


A marketplace for NFTs soon on Instagram and Facebook? While NFTs are all the rage, companies want to participate in this opportunity as soon as possible. This is what Instagram and Facebook are doing on their social networks by creating their own marketplace. NFTs: the hot topic of the [...]