Messenger and Cosmopolitan team up to offer a filter to celebrate the new year


Messenger and Cosmopolitan join forces to offer a filter to celebrate the new year With the pandemic, New Year's Eve and family meals are done in smaller groups and sometimes even in video conference to protect the most fragile people. That's why Messenger and Cosmopolitan have decided to offer features and functions that will help [...]

Create your own filters with Spark AR GO


Create your own filters with Spark AR GO At the Connect 2021 conference on 28 October, Meta announced the launch of a simplified and intuitive augmented reality effects creation mobile IOS application. The app originally announced as Polar was recently renamed to align with the brand image already developed by Meta.

Tik Tok launches a new filter creation platform


TikTok launches a platform for creating augmented reality effects The TikTok application, well known for its short-form videos, is entering the augmented reality race. If until now the platform didn't allow you to create your own TikTok filters in augmented reality, the Chinese giant now wants to bring value to your [...]

5 Snapchat filter trends


Snapchat releases its Filters / Lenses Trend Report Try on Pushing Boundaries Snapchat Must-Have Filters Engaged Filters Music Lenses Contact Us Snapchat has released its first Snapchat Filter Trend Report of the year. You can find the most used filters and the ones that [...]

Instagram releases its first Trendreport on 2022 trends


Instagram releases its first TrendReport on 2022 trends Contact Us To help better understand and analyse upcoming trends on Instagram, the social network has released its first TrendReport edition to highlight the topics of interest to Generation Z in 2022. The report is based on a survey conducted by YPulse in October 2021 with [...]

All about the metaverse: history, concept and definition


What is a metaverse? Ever since Facebook changed its name to Meta, the word metavers has appeared on social media and networks. Discover all the characteristics of metavers in this article. Definition and history of metavers The concept first appeared in 1968 in the novel Simulacron 3 by Daniel F. Galouye. The [...]

Instagram badges to support creators who do live shows


Instagram badges to support creators who do live shows and monetise their content To encourage and support creators, Instagram has launched badges that allow the community to donate money during live shows. Instagram badges: reserved for creators During an initial test phase, these badges were available to all [...].