The immersive catalogue: a more than beneficial strategy

immersive catalogue

The immersive catalogue: a more than beneficial strategy Contact us The immersive catalogue incorporating augmented reality is a sure bet for brands, especially for Christmas catalogues. The magical, immersive nature of augmented reality means that children can be transported into a magical world, allowing them to [...]

How will 5G revolutionise augmented reality?

5G augmented reality

How will 5G revolutionise the use of augmented reality? Contact us Augmented reality is likely to undergo a major change as soon as 5G makes its appearance in our smartphones. This technology, which currently works on the principle of 4G, will be in decline as a result of the advances promised by 5G. The [...]

Gucci virtual 25: the digital trainer

gucci virtual 25 augmented reality

Gucci Virtual 25: the virtual shoe to share in all your photos A pair of trainers, a first of its kind Many sectors are conquering augmented reality Contact us A pair of Gucci trainers, a first of its kind: Gucci is launching the Gucci Virtual 25, its first virtual trainer. A shoe that [...]

AR games: the filters that make the buzz

ar games augmented reality games

Gaming filters: the new playground for brands Contact us Among all the creative possibilities for your filters, some will interact more with your community. This is the case for augmented reality games that animate your community on Facebook, Instagram or Snapchat. Here's a look at how they work [...].

Augmented reality is making its way into our daily lives

augmented reality in our daily lives

Augmented reality is making its way into our daily lives Contact us As augmented reality begins to develop more and more, many sectors are taking advantage of this new technology to integrate it into our daily lives. Commerce, medicine, culture, education and video games have all benefited from augmented reality. Augmented reality in [...]

Facebook unveils reel sharing available on its News Feed

facebook real

Reels: Facebook shares them on its News Feed Contact Us Since the rise of Tik Tok with its principle of short videos. Many platforms have followed suit, including Instagram and its "Reels". Now Facebook has decided to test this type of content on its News Feed. Facebook [...]

LiDAR: a revolution for augmented reality filters

lidar new iphone feature

LiDAR: a revolution for augmented reality filters Contact us You've probably heard of it: TikTok released an augmented reality filter for the new year 2021. But only a small proportion of TikTok users were able to use the filter, as they had to be in possession of the [...].

Virtual tours: the solution for museums

visiting museums with virtual reality

Virtual tours: the solution to museum closures Contact us Since the coronavirus crisis, museums have had to close their doors to the public. This sad news has led to a significant drop in visitor numbers, and therefore in profitability. In response to this problem, some museums have offered [...]

Lens studio: its new update

lens studio

Lens studio: what's new in the update Improved hand tracking Full body segmentation Multi-body 3D tracking Introduction of an asset library Contact us Since the acquisition of Ariel IA, Snapchat has been going from strength to strength in terms of innovation. Most recently, the Lens Studio platform released its brand new version 3.4. Many new features [...]

Live rooms: the new Instagram feature

live rooms instagram

Live rooms: the new Instagram feature Contact us The war between social networks to remain users' favourites is only getting fiercer. With the arrival of new social networks and new features such as live rooms, users now have a choice. To stay in the race, Instagram [...]