Snapchat - integrating a filter into your social media strategy

snapchat filter for digital strategy

Snapchat - The advantages of creating and integrating a filter into your digital strategy Building a brand image Storytelling A personalised experience Using QR codes Boosting your content Contact us Using augmented reality to develop your brand has become an important and interesting lever. Indeed, AR allows to [...]

Snapchat report - the usefulness of AR

increased real-world importance in purchasing

Snapchat Report - The value of AR for marketers Contact Us E-commerce is constantly evolving. New trends and consumer habits are emerging which are transforming the buying journey. Brands need to stay on top of these developments and adapt as they happen. Let's take a look at these new paths and [...]

The benefits of live shopping as a brand

go live shopping

How to do live shopping intelligently on the internet? Contact us Live shopping is a sales technique that consists of using the internet, websites and social networks to showcase products. More and more used, this technique allows you to present your offer in a qualitative way while capturing the attention of your customers.

Viva Tech and the evolution of the Meta Group

new meta in the metaverse

Find out about Meta's latest announcements and future developments! Contact us Meta is now considered one of the most influential groups in the world. At the cutting edge of technology and constantly seeking innovation, the group is constantly developing. With a strategy recently turned towards the metaverse, the group [...]

Meta launches its metaverse academy for the start of the 2022 school year

a school for the metaverse

Meta is launching a metaverse academy in France for the start of the 2022 school year Contact us Meta has put the metaverse at the centre of its development strategy. With the launch of Horizon Worlds and the development of various projects such as the creation of a high-quality AR headset, Facebook's parent company is moving into the metaverse to become a leader in the field.

Top 5 Instagram filters for summer 2022

top 5 filters summer 2O22

Top 5 Instagram filters - summer 2022 Contact us Summer is in full swing and the weather is beautiful. It's the perfect time to relax and enjoy the beautiful weather. To capture these moments, you can use filters that are perfect for summer. Tanned skin, summer, play, relaxation... Find the top 5 filters [...]

Niantic launches Campfire

niantic launches its social network

Niantic has launched its own social network, Campfire Contact Us Niantic is one of the major players in the field of augmented reality. Creator of the successful Pokémon Go game, the company is constantly developing and establishing itself in the AR world. The group's latest innovation is the launch of its network [...].

Virtual shopping on Snapchat

shopping and virtual fitting on snapchat

Snapchat continues its development in augmented reality with its shopping experiences Contact Us Snapchat offers augmented reality filters, a content that is very appreciated by Internet users for its entertaining and fun aspect. To complement these features, the network continues to develop new options that integrate augmented reality, notably with shopping in [...]