Meta launches AR Reels Ads using Instagram filters

AR Reels Ads: new immersive advertising content Contact us Instagram filters are very popular content on the social network and are one of the tools used by brands in their social media strategy. That's why the Meta group has put in place solutions to boost the use of Instagram filters. It [...]

Fast food brands using augmented reality

Fast-food brands using augmented reality Contact us Augmented reality is proving increasingly popular on social networks, and fast-food brands such as KFC, Pizza Hut, McDonald's, Burger King and Subway are taking advantage of it to boost their marketing strategy and make it more innovative in the eyes of their [...].

Finding and using Messenger's augmented reality filters

find augmented reality movies on messenger

Find and use Messenger's augmented reality filters Contact us The tools that Messenger offers are more and more numerous. Since augmented reality is a central pillar not to be neglected for all applications, it was logical for Messenger to integrate it into its application. Thanks to this, it gives the opportunity to [...]

Examples of furniture brands using augmented reality

vignette blog article on furniture brands using augmented reality

Advantages and examples of augmented reality used by furniture brands Contact us Many brands are already using augmented reality in their digital strategy, as this new technology is proving to be a real advantage for developing the user and customer experience in digital. For example, a number of furniture brands are offering a range of content in augmented reality [...].