Social networking point: screen time

use of social networks by Internet users

How will Internet users worldwide use social networks in 2022? Contact us Social networks have become platforms used daily by a very large number of Internet users. Places to share, exchange and inspire, social networks have become a privileged space. But how do people use these platforms? And [...]

Niantic and augmented reality

niantic wants to revolutionize the augmented reality industry - article

Niantic aims to revolutionise the industry with augmented reality Contact Us Niantic, founder with The Pokémon Company of the very famous game Pokémon Go, aims to reinvent the augmented reality and video game industry. But what are his plans? Let's recap together! Augmented reality Augmented reality, also known as [...]

The NFT Lady Ape Club are to be discovered

bored ape feminine article

A female version of the NFT Bored Ape Yacht Club has been released, the NFT Lady Ape Club Contact us NFTs have become increasingly coveted assets. Brands are also adapting to this trend and are gradually introducing NFTs in their own likeness. Amongst the popular NFTs are the Bored Ape Yacht Club, the Lady Ape Yacht Club and the [...]

Jamespot Land, the French professional metaverse


Discover Jamespot, the first French corporate metaverse Contact us The metaverse is developing and becoming more and more present in different sectors, especially in the workplace. After Carrefour and its job interviews in the metaverse or Meta proposing meetings with colleagues with just a VR headset, discover Jamespot's metaverse [...]

Generate conversions on social networks

develop brand on social media article

The importance of a social media presence as a brand Contact us Consumer habits and expectations are constantly evolving. With the growth in the use of digital and social media, brands must adapt and use the various digital channels available to address their target audience. But how can they use these channels?

Google's AR glasses on trial in the streets of the US


Google's AR glasses prototypes hit the streets Contact Us Google's AR glasses that translate, transcribe and navigate on the streets were tested in early August in real life. The glasses will be visible on the streets in the US. Google's AR glasses were announced for the [...].

Open AI's artificial intelligence in beta version


DALL-E 2 AI Beta Available Contact Us Open AI has developed a brand new artificial intelligence that can "create realistic images and art from natural language description". This very powerful AI is now available in beta for 1 million people on a waiting list. [...]

Top 5 best filters for the World Cup in Qatar


Top 5 filters for the World Cup in Qatar Contact us On November 20th, the World Cup in Qatar starts and brands have all wanted to position themselves to stand out. We can see advertisements, posts on social networks but some have also used filters for the [...]

Snapchat on computer coming soon to France


Snapchat comes to computers with its web version Contact Us On July 18, 2022, Snapchat's messaging service will be available on computers. This web version will be available to subscribers of Snapchat+, the premium service of the application available since the end of June. The web version will offer almost the same features as the Snapchat mobile application. Description [...]

The metaverse in the world of video games


The metaverse and the world of video games, two entities that are evolving together Contact us The metaverse and web 3 technologies continue to evolve and disrupt the world of technology, particularly video games. But how are these two universes evolving together and what are the most important new features? The metaverse, a new [...]