Create Snapchat, TikTok & Instagram Filters for TOP Brands

Get over 60 opportunities every month to create AR filters for international brands and agencies.

More than 900 Opportunities

How it works ?


Receiving leads on our website

Leads visit our website and fill out forms. We strive to gather as much information as possible about each project. Additionally, we contact each lead to explain that they will be contacted by no more than three partner agencies.

Unlock Opportunities

You will receive a notification when the opportunity becomes available on our platform. Unlock the opportunity to access all the information.

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Unlock Opportunities

You will receive a notification when the opportunity becomes available on our platform. Unlock the opportunity to access all the information.

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Contact the lead and convert it

Reach out the contact and create a filter for the brand.

Why our platform?

Transparency of information

We anonymise certain information before the lead is published to give you the choice of selecting the opportunities that match your needs. Once purchased, all the information we have is passed on to you.

Qualified opportunities

We undertake to check the veracity of the request and its information. All leads receive an email to inform them of the process and make it easier for them to get in touch.

Optimum system

Our subscription system allows you to concentrate on AR opportunities and projects. We take no commission on contracts signed between you and leads.


Our platform

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Monthly subscriptions

Starter Plan

  • Access to Opportunities
  • 100 Monthly credits

Plan Pro

1 289
  • Access to Opportunities
  • 550 Monthly credits
  • Access to opportunities 15 minutes before the Starter Plan

Plan Top Agencies

2 500
  • Access to Opportunities
  • 1,200 Monthly loans
  • Access to opportunities 25 minutes before Starter Plan
  • Revolving credit remaining next month
  • Blocking leads to other users


Yes! All monthly subscriptions are non-binding. So you can stop your plan whenever you like.

For Starter and Pro plans, your remaining credits will not be renewed the following month. You will therefore start the month again with the number of credits indicated for each plan.

In addition, for the Top Agencies Plan, your remaining credits are renewable and will be added to the next month's credits.

For Top-Up Credits, your purchased credits have an expiry date indicated at the time of purchase. This feature only allows you to unlock opportunities quickly.

The number of credits for an opportunity is based on several criteria:

  • Type of project
    • number of filters to create
    • the budget allocated
    • the timeline
  • The company
    • The industry
    • Company size
    • The country

The more information we have from the lead, the better we can qualify the opportunity and set an honest credit number. However, if we don't have enough information, we lower the price of the opportunity because we can't give you the maximum amount of information to help you.

Yes, absolutely! Monthly subscriptions are non-binding and give you the freedom to change plans. Depending on the number of credits and the plan you want to switch to, a ratio is calculated to convert your remaining credits to match the unit price of the plan's credits.

You can use Top-Up Credit in two ways:

  • When you already have a subscription and you don't have enough credits left to unlock the leads you want, you can top up your account with credits via Top-Up Credit. As with normal credits, for the Starter and Pro plans, extra credits are not renewed at the end of your subscription month.
  • You can use the platform without a monthly subscription. With Top-Up Credit, you can top up your account with as many credits as you like, without paying a subscription. Credits purchased via Top-Up Credit have a limited lifetime and are valid for 15 days.

This is only possible for users of the Top Agencies plan. In addition to having access to leads before other plans, Top Agencies can unlock an opportunity and make it inaccessible to other users.

The leads come from our Filter Maker site. This site focuses exclusively on AR filters, so you can be sure of getting opportunities that want to carry out AR projects. Leads can contact us via forms on all our pages and blog posts. A Chatbot programmed by a workflow is also available throughout our site.

Our forms and our Chatbot have been designed to collect as much information as possible from the prospect to help you target your opportunities easily. is translated into 10 languages, giving you access to qualified international opportunities.

You can select the opportunities you want to unlock. However, you need to take into account the amount of credit you have in your account. If you are very interested in an opportunity but your balance is insufficient, you can always top up your account using Top-Up Credit.

Once you have unblocked an opportunity, you will have access to all the information we have about it. The e-mail address is compulsory and will enable you to contact the lead yourself.

What's more, before publishing the opportunity on the platform, we warn the prospect to explain that no more than 3 partner agencies will be contacting them. So the customer is already aware of the process.

The information you receive when you unlock an opportunity depends on the information the lead has shared with us beforehand. In addition, we do our utmost to provide as much information as possible, thanks to in-depth research by our teams. This is why you will always find this information:

  • E-mail
  • Company
  • Country
  • Industry

Refunds are not possible on our platform. Subscriptions are non-binding, so you can unsubscribe at any time. Once you have done so, you will still have access to the platform and your remaining credits until the end of your subscription month.