Walkie Talkie

A Walkie Talkie roulette filter on TikTok to challenge users

Objectives: To highlight all the themes offered by the application

After completely revamping the look and adding new features to the application, Walkie Talkie wanted to let its users know on the social network TikTok. To highlight the 30 discussion themes, Walkie Talkie called on our agency to design an augmented reality roulette filter.

The brief

The filter offers users a challenge: let the roulette wheel scroll until it stops on a random theme and frequency. The user then has to go to the application and film what the roulette filter has suggested.

Filter activations

To make the filter accessible to as many people as possible, Walkie Talkie decided to launch it on TikTok.

walkie talkie

Wide choice of frequencies

With a total of 30 different frequenciesWalkie Talkie wanted to showcase them all on a single filter wheel in augmented reality. The result is clear: the conversion rate has risen increase by 30% and the first three videos in the filter have been viewed 11,000 times

The Walkie Talkie filter on TikTok

Creating filters on TikTok allows you to reach a wider audience. a younger, more responsive target. In this way, Walkie Talkie ensures it has greater visibility and a better high use of its filter roulette on TikTok. In total, more than 150 videos were made using this filter and the application's TikTok account earned 3,000 subscribers

walkie talkie
Number of times the filter has been seen (story, video, effect gallery...).
Number of videos posted on TikTok with the augmented reality filter.
Increased conversion rate (downloads).
Average time
Spent trying the filter.


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