Communication based on influencers

Objectives: To celebrate 20 years of Subway in France

The aim of the campaign was to getting closer to GenZ by breaking the codes. To this end, in addition to launching collaborations with other younger brands, they offered several competitions on social networks, including one involving a Instagram filter. The aim of this filter was to earn a discount on Deliveroo for the next Subway order.

The brief

The Instagram filter was a AR game in which the user did not have to not move for 20 seconds. Every blink of the eyes, movement of the head or mouth was taking away points on the final score. When the countdown was over, the score was out of 20.

Filter activations

In order to make this filter viral, Subway made a communication about this filter through various activations. 

illustration of subway competition - gamification

The competition

Set up a game contest around a filter allows for ancrease the rate of engagement and its visibility quickly. Indeed, in addition to giving users a challenge, it motivates them to play the game and share it in a story.


In addition to activating the Instagram filter through a contest, Subway usedinfluence to reach a large number of users. In this campaign, several Grey House Youtubers used the filter in story.

illustration of subway competition - gamification
Number of times the filter has been seen (story, video, effect gallery...).
Number of times the effect has been opened.
Number of times the filter has been used and sent to users (story, message...).
13-24 years
Users affected
Age group that used the filter the most


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