Shiba Social Club

Communicating on NFT's creations

Objectives : To promote the new NFT Shiba collection

Shiba Social Club created NFTs representing shibas. The aim of this communication campaign was toto broaden their target group and present the new shibas collection.

The brief

The Instagram filter was to first project the NFT shiba in 3D dancing. The second filter was a 3D model of a shiba's head that projected onto the user's head.

Filter activations

To ensure the success of both filters, the Shiba Social Club has chosen specific activations.

3D modelling

For NFTs, the 3D modelling is important in order to provide a quality experience. The shiba is articulated to make the movements fluid and real.

Discreet branding

The Shiba Social Club's Instagram filters have very few branded elements. Thus, users are less reluctant to share their videos.

Number of times the filter has been seen (story, video, effect gallery...).
Number of times the effect has been opened.
Number of times the filter has been used and sent to users (story, message...).
Number of times the filter was used in a video call (Messenger & Instagram)


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