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An immersive experience linking the physical and digital.

Objectives: To rejuvenate the image of Ça m'intéresse magazine

In order to reach a younger target group by creating a immersive experiencePrisma Média wanted to create a campaign that linked the print magazine Ça m'intéresse to an Instagram filter.

The brief

With the help of a QR code printed on one of the magazine pagesIn this case, readers could access an Instagram filter. This effect was a general knowledge quiz with a timer and the score achieved by the person.

Filter activations

In order to make this filter viral, Prisma Média has produced a communication about this filter through various activations.

The QR Code

For a paper magazine like Ça m'intéresse, the QR code is the best solution to give quick access to an Instagram filter.

The competition

Set up a game contest around a filter allows for ancrease the rate of engagement and its visibility quickly. Indeed, in addition to giving users a challenge, it motivates them to play the game and share it in a story.

Number of times the filter has been seen (story, video, effect gallery...).
Number of times the effect has been opened.
Number of times the filter has been used and sent to users (story, message...).
Average time
Passed to use the filter.


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