Creating a 360° campaign

Objectives: Integrate a filter into their 360° campaign

DKNY created a 360 campaign entitled "Today I Feel". In addition to creating high quality video and photo content, the fashion brand wanted to integrate a Snapchat and Instagram filter.

The brief

Create a random filter that represents the atmosphere of this communication campaign. A segmentation is also added to the appearance of the response.

Filter activations

To spread their filters as widely as possible, DKNY used several levers.

dkny instagram and snapchat filters

2 social networks

The choice to offer the filter on Snapchat and Instagram allows DKNY to reach a large and different audience. Indeed, the age of the community on Snapchat is younger than on Instagram.

360° campaign

Integrating an AR filter into an advertising campaign allowed DKNY to offer consistency and content very different from each other.

dkny instagram and snapchat filters
dkny 360 campaign today i feel
Number of times the filter has been seen (story, video, effect gallery...).
Number of times the effect has been opened.
Number of times the filter has been used and sent to users (story, message...).
13-24 years
Users affected
Age range of users who saw the filter.


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