An immersive catalogue on Instagram with Try-on

Objectives : Increase your conversion rate thanks to social networks

After the covid-19 pandemic, Castorama wanted to offer a digital format accessible to all in order to continue to sell its products without customers having to go anywhere. Thus, the try-on on Instagram was a more than obvious lever for the big DIY brand.

The brief

The try-on must offer several variants of a product in 3D. For this purpose, pickers allow users to choose the model and colour and to project it in their living space.

Filter activations

To make these filters accessible to all and to increase the number of uses, Castorama has activated two different levers.

Wide range of products

In order to offer a complete try-on experience, Castorama currently offers 5 different products with variants for each product. Users can therefore discover furniture quickly and try it out in their living space.

Sponsored filters

Creating sponsored Instagram filters allows you to reach a wider target who might not have been aware of Castorama's try-on. In this way, the company ensures a high use of Instagram filters.

filter try on castorama pub
Number of times the filter has been seen (story, video, effect gallery...).
Number of times the effect has been opened.
Number of times the filter has been used and sent to users (story, message...).
Average time
Spent trying the filter.


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