Top 5 filters and effects for Ramadan 2023.

Considered one of the five pillars of Islam, Ramadan began on 22 March 2023. For about thirty days, Muslims fast and put themselves in the shoes of the poorest. Mutual aid, recitations of the Koran, prayers, and a ban on lies and violence during this period allow them to rise spiritually. 

It is also an event with a lot of media coverage on social networks where AR filters and effects are numerous, here are the Top 5. 

1. Snapchat filter: Happy Ramadan

This Snapchat filter features the Ramadan crescent moon on the forehead of the person filming. It also wishes all Muslims a happy Ramadan with the phrase "Happy Ramadan".


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2. Snapchat filter: Ramadan Mubarak

This Snapchat filter made especially for Ramadan features golden lanterns embedded in the video. The words "Ramadan Mubarak" signify the wish of a good Ramadan and blessings to all Muslims.

3. Instagram filter: Ramadan

The beauty and homeware chain Bath and body work Sarabia is promoting the Ramadan 2 augmented reality filter on its Instagram profile. Simply stand in front of the camera and strike your best pose. When the phone is filming, four photos will be taken highlighting the brand's products. 

4. Instagram filter: Ramadan Kareem by Dior

The French fashion house is celebrating the month of fasting by developing a unique Instagram filter. When the filter is launched, a lantern appears on camera with the message "Dior wish you a Ramadan Kareem". 

5. TikTok Filter: Ramadan Filter

The social network TikTok has introduced the Ramadan Filter on its platform. Once the video is launched, elements of Arabic writing appear on the screen. Go test it on the application TikTok !